GENA's unique DNA

Meet GENA™ - our thoroughly upgraded and patent-pending GENomic Analyst – providing even greater functionality as a driver of scientific innovation. Here are a few highlights of what's new with GENA™:

  • GENA™ is organization-centric. Large labs, clinics, academic, and research centers with multiple users in distributed locations are able to share a unique master account, upload multiple cases, generate aggregate knowledge, and overall, collaborate more effectively.

  • GENA™ is case-based. Our original platform was based on transactions: you entered a set of segments (your search criteria), and you received a results page. With GENA™, you are now able to create a case and go back to review it at any point in time. You are able to add or edit your case. You are even able to name the case with your own internal Accession name so it matches your lab’s ID and nomenclature. If you choose to, your Organization Manager will also have access to your cases to improve workflow and collaboration. 

  • GENA™ provides real-time filtering and search. With your cases saved, you can select or de-select certain segments to make a deep dive on them, search HPO and clinical features using Boolean logic operators, search based on free text, or a combination of all. Moreover, GENA’s™ Case Ontology Navigator is a clickable genomic sunburst chart that will visually guide you through your search as you go deep or wide, and help you see where you are in your analysis process at a glance. 

  • GENA™ is a commercial-grade Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform. This is a cloud-based platform with much larger throughput and high service availability. We have embedded secure sign-up and sign-in, best-in-class firewalls and encryption, and many more security features. These benefits are available to you with no up-front or annual software licenses, not having to install any software on your IT systems, and no technology training of your personnel. Your scientists will continue to access GENA™ through our website; we will manage all the software and computational needs. 

  • GENA™ is self-service. We have designed our new platform strategically to allow you to sign-up, sign-in, load, edit, analyze, share and export case information without needing external support. All of this from a user-friendly interface. We will be here should you need us through our support team at

Genomics & Artificial Intelligence

Genomics and Artificial Intelligence are two of the most promising technologies today. Individually, each provide unpparelled insight into millions of datapoints, and the combination of the two are leading to some of the greatest discoveries of our lifetime.


SNP Arrays

Workflow Optimization

Our SIVOTEC BioInformatics name derives from “Signatures in Vivo Through Technology” and our GENA™ AI platform provides commercial labs, hospitals and academic centers with the necessary tools to shorten their discovery cycle by over 95% (from days to just minutes) thus accelerating the time from testing-to-diagnosis and saving thousands of dollars per each sample sequenced thanks to improvements in workflow and the quality of results.

In the U.S. alone, there are over 25 million people affected by rare genetic diseases and it is estimated that every year more than 400,000 children are born with one of these conditions. Genetic testing has become the go-to procedure to effectively identify these conditions, allowing for improved patient outcomes and potential lives saved. Unfortunately, once a SNP Array test is prescribed and sequenced, Geneticists all over the world have traditionally spent millions of man-hours manually sifting through databases in order to identify and correlate a case to more than 7,000 rare diseases. That is, until now.


Robust & Enterprise Ready

GENA™ combines the exponential growth of genomics with the exploding world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to solve real-world problems:


  • GENA™ accelerates the time-to-diagnosis by 95% or more, thus allowing for:

    • Increased genetic lab throughput (more revenue)

    • Reduced interpretation labor cost (larger margins)

    • Increased value generation provided by Geneticists – more patient-facing time with less database searching​

  • Allows Geneticists to address more cases daily, therefore allowing labs to meet the ever-growing demand of genetic testing

  • Is Lab-technology neutral

  • Has been the de-facto solution for over 9 years in hundreds of the most recognized labs in dozens of countries and has analyzed hundreds of thousands of Cases feeding our Machine Learning environment, growing every day at an accelerated pace

  • Provides a pure SaaS computational solution, thus saving our clients the financial burden of investing in hardware and software infrastructure – no long-term commitments, no hiring of specialized staff

  • Provides flexible bandwidth, and offering very fair pricing for Single-Users and Enterprise Accounts based on Monthly or Annual Subscription plans

  • Allows for practically unlimited genetic testing fields

  • Provides online interactive and actionable reporting tools

  • Aggregates data and learns continuously thus contributing to the generation of new knowledge for societal benefit