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Executive Leadership Team


Pete Martinez
Chief Executive Officer

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Pete Martinez serves as Chairman and CEO of SIVOTEC BioInformatics. An international entrepreneur, he has led numerous high impact initiatives in the areas of high technology, business consulting, healthcare, and education. During his 32-year tenure with IBM, he was Vice President of Global Business Services and the Senior Location Executive for IBM South Florida, where he led projects in the areas of advanced research, super-computing and information-based medicine.

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Richard Simon
Chief Operating Officer

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Richard Simon is an experienced healthcare executive in the medical community. Richard served at Tenet as Physician Services Regional Director, Mednax Director of Operations, and National Director of Pediatric Cardiology. Richard now serves as COO at Sivotec, focusing on Marketing, Product & Operations.

Founding & Advisory Board

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Dr. Klaas Wierenga is a board-certified medical geneticist and medical biochemical geneticist at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, whose specialty is around clinical care to patients with or suspected to have genetic disorders. His research interests are focused on using information technology for diagnostics and gene discovery.

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Dr. Nicholas Tsinoremas, an international leader in computational genomics and bioinformatics provides SIVOTEC Bioinformatics with deep expertise from over 25 years of academic and industrial  experience, including as Senior Director of Informatics at The Scripps Research Institute-Florida and Director of Computational Genomics and Genomic Discovery at Rosetta/Merck. He is a founding Director at the Center for Computational Science at the University of Miami.

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Christopher Mader has over 20 years of software architecture and design expertise with organizations such as Stanford University, The Institute for Genomic Research, and The Scripps Research Institute, particularly focusing on genomics and bioinformatic applica-tions. He is Director of Software Engineering at University of Miami’s Center for Computational Science.

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Dr. Zhijhi Jiang received his Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology from LSU and then worked as bioinformatics scientist at University of Miami's Center for Computational Science, mainly on NGS data analysis. He has an active interest in modeling high-througput DNA/RNA sequencing data and is currently a Data Scientist at M2Gen.

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