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A GENA™  test is a vital test during postpartum care. By screening children at birth, parents can make informed health decisions and get diagnoses for rare diseases 95% faster based on GENA’s predictive screening of over 7K+ rare diseases.

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GENA™ testing of prospective parents or donors can help patients make health decisions based on genetic predispositions.

Help Patients Make Informed Decisions

Genetic analyzing typically takes 3-4 days. With GENA™, genetic analysts can organize and report on gene-based anomalies 98% faster.

Get Thorough Genetic  Results Quicker

GENA testing of prospective parents or donors can help patients make health decisions based on genetic predispositions.

Free Registration for Practices

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How GENA™ Differentiates Your Postpartum Care:

  • Evidence-based diagnostics provided to parents for quick diagnosis

  • Predictive AI-based genetics allow for healthcare to start before symptoms present

  • Seamless test ordering and easy-to-comprehend results

  • Managed care contracting data

  • Supportable complexity coding

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Patient Onboarding & Swab

A form is filled out in the GENA™ system for processing. A swab test is obtained.


DNA Sequencing

DNA is sequenced in a partner lab. Data is uploaded into GENA™.


Data Analysis Completed

GENA™ aggregated data into an easy-to-understand visualization, allowing geneticists to process tests in minutes.


Decision-Based Analysis Provided to You.

The Geneticist finalizes their report and sends it to the referring physician.


Proprietary data modeling tool organizes genomes in a visual chart allowing for an easy double-click into each abnormality or feature.

For a Healthier Future, GO GENA™

When parents hold their children in their arms for the first time, they know they will do everything they can to protect the child and their well-being. From allergies to ear infections, children are susceptible to all types of illnesses.

What many parents don’t know is that many illnesses and diseases could have a genetic link. Disease-related genetic problems often fly under the radar with invisible warning signs that parents don’t notice about their child’s health until it’s too late.

By ordering a GENA™ test, you as a practitioner can improve lives early by focusing on proactive and preventive care at birth instead of waiting for symptoms to begin.

The GENA™ platform speeds up the diagnosis time from genetic analysis to mere seconds making it possible for practitioners to accurately predict the health of a child by screening over 7,000 rare diseases that include: 

●  Mobility disorders

●  Risks of seizures

●  Immune system disorders

●  Mental and developmental diseases

●  Birth defects

●  Sickle-cell disease

●  And many more 

GENA™ offers an easy sign-up process for practitioners with an interactive and intuitive software-as-a-service that helps you to give parents peace of mind in knowing they’re taking a proactive approach to their child’s health. 

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