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If you're a geneticist or a genomic counselor, you're already at the forefront of medicine. But if you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to be using the best genomic analysis tool. Speed up genomic analysis by 95%, allowing you or your team to multiply your output.

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Through our GENA network of practitioners, we will connect you with practices in need of genetic counseling or genomic analysis.

Through our GENA network of practitioners, we will connect you with practices in need of genetic counseling or genomic analysis.

Get Access to a
Pipeline of Patients

Genetic analysis typically takes 3-4 days. With GENA™, you can organize and report on gene-based anomalies 95% faster with visual analyzing tools.

Speed Up Your
Genomic Analysis

We're offering GENA free of charge for geneticists during our go-to-marketing phase. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Free Registration for Geneticists

How GENA™ Makes Genomic Analysis Easier:

  • Visual analysis for conditions or traits

  • Double-click in on areas of concern 

  • Timestamped blueprint to compare against when symptoms arise

  • Increased genetic lab throughput (more revenue)

  • Reduced interpretation labor cost (larger margins)

  • Increased value generation provided by Geneticists – more patient-facing time with less database searching​


Partner Lab Testing

DNA is sequenced in a partner lab. Data is uploaded into GENA™.


Aggregate & Visualize

Data is aggregated into an easy-to-navigate visual with double-click capabilities into traits.


Complete Data Analysis

GENA™ speeds up data analysis through comparative databases and visualization, allowing for diagnoses of 7K+ rare diseases.


Complete Report

The Geneticist finalizes their report and sends it to the referring physician.


Proprietary data modeling tool organizes genomes in a visual chart allowing for an easy double-click into each abnormality or feature.

Doctor Writing Prescription

For a Healthier Future, GO GENA™

GENA is the best genomic analysis tool for geneticists and genomic counselors. It helps you analyze genomic data and make informed decisions. With the capability to identify over 7,500 rare diseases, our visual tool will aid geneticists in quick, comprehensive analysis of the genome.

By registering you will get access to:

  • Quicker, genomic analysis processes

  • The GENA Geneticist LinkedIn Group

  • Webinar & Podcast Opportunities

  • Knowledge sharing with our network of geneticists

  • Referral engine of existing practitioners

We are making GENA available for free to all geneticists. Sign up today and see how GENA can help you stay ahead of the curve!

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