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If you are here, you may have been redirected automatically from the Genomic Oligoarray and SNP Array Evaluation Tool webpage. Due to reasons beyond our control (cost, resources, time, among others) that site has been permanently shut down, but at the same time, a completely new and thoroughly upgraded platform - GENA - has been launched here, as we announced early in the summer of 2019.

Please click on any of the links below to either go directly to GENA's login page or to access the SIVOTEC BioInformatics website to learn more about the company that's now hosting the improved version of our tool and the many significant upgrades that have been made to it. We are confident that you will find this complete overhaul to be a major evolution in genomic decision support.

Once again, welcome to GENA!

The Original Genomic Oligoarray and SNP Array Evaluation Tool team.

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