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A GENA™  test utilized during pregnancy can help future parents make informed health decisions and get diagnoses for rare diseases 95% faster based on GENA’s predictive screening of over 7K+ rare diseases.

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GENA™ testing of prospective parents or donors can help patients make health decisions based on genetic predispositions.

Help Patients Make Informed Decisions

Genetic analyzing typically takes 3-4 days. With GENA™, genetic analysts can organize and report on gene-based anomalies 98% faster.

Get Thorough Genetic  Results Quicker

GENA testing of prospective parents or donors can help patients make health decisions based on genetic predispositions.

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How GENA™ Differentiates Your Prenatal Care:

  • Evidence-based diagnostics provided during pregnancy for quick diagnosis

  • Predictive AI-based genetics allow for healthcare to start as soon as possible

  • Seamless test ordering and easy-to-comprehend results

  • Managed care contracting data

  • Supportable complexity coding

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Patient Onboarding & Swab

A form is filled out in the GENA™ system for processing. A swab test is obtained.


DNA Sequencing

DNA is sequenced in a partner lab. Data is uploaded into GENA™.


Data Analysis Completed

GENA™ aggregated data into an easy-to-understand visualization, allowing geneticists to process tests in minutes.


Decision-Based Analysis Provided to You.

The Geneticist finalizes their report and sends it to the referring physician.


Proprietary data modeling tool organizes genomes in a visual chart allowing for an easy double-click into each abnormality or feature.

For a Healthier Future, GO GENA™

A GENA™ test performed during pregnancy can help to diagnose a possible chromosomal disorder in the fetus. This test can detect certain chromosomal abnormalities, such as Down syndrome or other genetic abnormalities.

Genetic testing can help parents to make informed decisions about their pregnancy. If a disorder is detected, parents can then decide how to move forward with health decisions with informed, predictive health.

A GENA™ test is also a valuable tool for diagnosing some single-gene disorders. Examples of these disorders include cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia. A GENA™ test can also be used to determine the carrier status of a person for a particular disorder. This is important information for couples who are planning for a child.

Differentiate your practice and your patient care with GENA™.

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