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As you may have noticed, the free and unlimited Summer Promotional access to GENA went well beyond the planned end date of June 15, 2020. In fact, we extended it for 3 additional months - to the end of September - as a zero-cost benefit to you, our valued GENA Community Members. This promotion was a limited-time offering and, unfortunately, as of October 1st we can no longer afford offering free access to GENA for all subscribers.

However, we have been able to secure valuable grants and investment that are allowing us to pass significant savings directly to you. Starting on October 1st, 2020, the rates for new GENA subscriptions are as described in the table below.

These rates are between 75% and 83% below our previous subscription rates and will apply until you decide to cancel your subscription - be it next month or five years from now.

As always, you can sign-up directly in GENA using your corporate or personal credit card, or contact us to request a quote for larger institutions.

Some exclusions apply. Please contact us for questions or comments here or at

All our GENA™ Members get the following benefits:

  • Each User within your Organization has a dedicated ID and password that cannot be shared

  • Unlimited number of cases created every month

  • Unlimited case size in regards to chromosome segments

  • Ability to enter your Organization’s unique Accession number for future reviews and updates

  • All users can see every case they have created since their Sign-up and can re-run an unlimited number of analyses and what-if scenarios on those cases

  • Every case can be edited for up to one week after creation

  • Automatic log-off after 30 minutes of inactivity for privacy and security

  • Monthly and Annual Subscriptions can be charged automatically to your corporate credit or debit card, PayPal or even via a domestic or international electronic funds transfer. For special billing requests for Enterprise Accounts, please contact or fill out our contact form here.

Additionally, when you sign up for an Enterprise Account, your Organization Manager can:

  • Add, delete or temporarily disable any number of Users within the Organization

  • View all cases and usage statistics within the Organization

  • Review and change billing plan and information, or cancel service at any time