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Doctor and Patient


GENA™  tests provide a blueprint or a map for a patient's life as well as a diagnostic tool for current ailments. By conducting a GENA™ test on your patient, you effectively timestamp their health to provide a comparative tool for when symptoms arise.

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GENA™ testing of patients can help to make health decisions based on diagnostics or predictions of future gene-based predispositions.

Help Patients Make Informed Decisions

Genetic analysis typically takes 3-4 days. With GENA™, genetic analysts can organize and report on gene-based anomalies 95% faster.

Get Thorough Genetic  Results Quicker

GENA™ testing s can differentiate your practice as a forward-thinking, innovative practice offering predictive medicine.

Free Registration for Practices

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How GENA™ Differentiates Your Medical Practice:

  • Evidence-based diagnostics provided to patients

  • Predictive AI-based genetic dispositions 

  • Timestamped blueprint to compare against when symptoms arise

  • Supportable complexity coding


Patient Onboarding & Swab

A form is filled out in the GENA™ system for processing. A swab test is obtained.


DNA Sequencing

DNA is sequenced in a partner lab. Data is uploaded into GENA™.


Data Analysis Completed

GENA™ aggregated data into an easy-to-understand visualization, allowing geneticists to process tests in minutes.


Decision-Based Analysis Provided to You.

The Geneticist finalizes their report and sends it to the referring physician.


Proprietary data modeling tool organizes genomes in a visual chart allowing for an easy double-click into each abnormality or feature.

Doctor Writing Prescription

For a Healthier Future, GO GENA™

Genomic testing completed early can provide a blueprint for your patients' lives, but GENA's predictive testing can be an asset to your patient at any age. 

Predictive genomic testing can also be done for late-onset conditions, such as Huntington's disease. GENA testing not only looks at the genome but also at the epigenome - how a gene is expressed. 

This information can be used to develop targeted treatment plans and monitor your patient's progress over time. 

GENA's precision medicine approach means that every patient receives comprehensive diagnostics, a comparative health timestamp, and deepened trust in their care providers.  

GENA Testing is the future of health care. With GENA, you can get a complete understanding of your patient's genomic and epigenomic profile. This information can be used to develop targeted treatment plans and monitor your patient's progress over time. GENA's precision medicine approach differentiates your practice in the health industry.

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