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GENA™  tests are utilized as a vital tool for family planning. By screening future parents or donors, clinics and future parents can make informed health decisions based on GENA’s predictive screening of over 7K+ rare diseases.

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GENA™ testing of prospective parents or donors can help patients make health decisions based on genetic predispositions.

Help Patients Make Informed Decisions

Genetic analyzing typically takes 3-4 days. With GENA™, genetic analysts can organize and report on gene-based anomalies 95% faster.

Get Thorough Genetic  Results Quicker

GENA testing of prospective parents or donors can help patients make health decisions based on genetic predispositions.

Free Registration for Practices

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How GENA™ Differentiates Your Family Planning Practice:

  • Evidence-based diagnostics provided to future parents

  • Predictive AI-based genetic dispositions included in donor profiles

  • Managed care contracting data

  • Supportable complexity coding


Patient Onboarding & Swab

A form is filled out in the GENA™ system for processing. A swab test is obtained.


DNA Sequencing

DNA is sequenced in a partner lab. Data is uploaded into GENA™.


Data Analysis Completed

GENA™ aggregated data into an easy-to-understand visualization, allowing geneticists to process tests in minutes.


Decision-Based Analysis Provided to You.

The Geneticist finalizes their report and sends it to the referring physician.


Proprietary data modeling tool organizes genomes in a visual chart allowing for an easy double-click into each abnormality or feature.

Baby's Grasp

For a Healthier Future, GO GENA™

When potential parents start the process of preparing to bring new life in the world, there are many emotions, worries & concerns that come into play as they go about family planning. Imagine if you, their provider, could address their concerns before their child is even born.

Screening of donors or screening of parents is an important step in the process of family planning. For donors, the process typically involves paperwork and surveys, but what if you could provide a full genomic testing report for each donor or parent along with predictive analytics for the future of their health?

By ordering a GENA™ test, you as a practitioner can provide future parents peace of mind by focusing on proactive and preventive family planning choices.

The GENA™ platform allows for genomic screening to take place in a matter of seconds in the lab, giving you the tools to help your patients make informed, health decisions regarding their future family: 

●  Mobility disorders

●  Risks of seizures

●  Immune system disorders

●  Mental and developmental diseases

●  Birth defects

●  Sickle-cell disease

●  And many more 

GENA™ offers an easy sign-up process for practitioners with an interactive and intuitive software-as-a-service that helps you to give parents peace of mind in knowing they’re taking a proactive approach to their future child’s health. 

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