GENA (“jē´-nă”) – your GENomic Analyst

GENA™ is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online tool that accelerates and improves clinical interpretation of SNP array results for diagnostic support in identifying rare diseases in cases of close familial genetic relationships, as well as genomic imbalances, due to loss or gain of genomic segments (microdeletions and/or microduplications).


SIVOTEC BioInformatics LLC, the company behind GENA™, was founded by the creators of the original Genomic Oligoarray and SNP Array Evaluation Tool that has been used daily by thousands of genomic specialists around the world for over 8 years.

GENA™ has adopted the best features and years of scientific and technical improvements from our original platform, and has evolved into a case-centric robust commercial-grade Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platform that enhances the high quality and rapid analysis of complex rare disease cases.

GENA™ reduces the typical manual analysis time by a geneticist from dozens of hours to just minutes. This disruptive technology has the capability to drastically increase the microarray case throughput in laboratories, thereby increasing revenues and profitability, while maintaining a technology-driven scientific consistency in every case analyzed.

And best of all, our clients do not have to install any software, pay for platform maintenance, invest in data management and storage, or buy any hardware in order to use GENA™. Our platform is a web-based Software-as-a-Service, so our clients have access to all our computing power, notwithstanding whether they analyze one case a month or one thousand.