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Through genomic testing focused on preventive & predictive results, GENA™ testing will shorten genetic analysis process, improve diagnosis time and make genetics more accessible for patients everywhere.

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Personal genomics is the
future of healthcare,
will get us there.

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How The GENA™ Genomic Platform Works

Created by SIVOTEC, the GENA™ platform organizes results into an easy-to-use visualization providing quick diagnosis for over 7K rare diseases as well as predictive analytics for the patient's future health. The platform reduces the typical manual analysis time by a geneticist from dozens of hours to just minutes.


For practitioners, ordering a GENA™ test is as simple as any other test. Collect the patient swab, ship it and share the results with your patient when they are ready. 

How GENA™ Differentiates Medical Practices

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Help patients make family planning decisions based on genetic results.

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Help patients predict or confirm health of child during pregnancy.

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Improve diagnosis time & predict future health of child at birth.

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